UNIV 1820, UConn Reads: 2016 Race in America

UNIV 1820.001, UConn Reads:

2016 Race in America (8376)

Thursdays 2:00PM – 2:50PM in Rowe 134 1-Credit Seminar

Instructor: Shawna Lesseur (shawna.lesseur@uconn.edu)

2016: The New Jim Crow”

Course Description: This course is for freshman and sophomores interested in UConn Reads who are ready to actively shape their own academic experience. According to the Office of the President, “[t]he University of Connecticut’s UConn Reads program has been created to bring together the University community – from students, faculty, and staff to alumni and friends of UConn, as well as citizens of Connecticut – for a far-reaching and engaging dialogue centered on a book suggested by the community.” This course is a fun, hands-on, student-directed way to get the most out of UConn Reads while connecting with the university and practicing transferable skills that will be useful in any academic major or career path.

What Students Should Expect: This course will rely heavily upon active participation from every student in the class. Class discussions will be modeled after restorative practice circles to ensure every voice is heard and respected. Hate speech and intolerance of diversity will not be permitted. This will be a safe environment for open, real dialogue about race in America and in our campus community. Every assignment you complete will be authentic and practically applicable. You will be pushed to do meaningful, thoughtful work in a space where you are encouraged to try new things and learn by “failing” and trying again. As such, your grades will be based on earnest contribution to the course community and growth throughout the semester.

Relevant Links:

The New Press, “The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness”

Connecticut Forum: Racism

Atlanta Black Star “After Ugly Racial Incident, UConn Students March In the Cold For Racial Awareness, ‘Institutional Change'”

News 8 “UConn Students Rally for Change”

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