EPSY 3020, Peer Leadership

EPSY 3020 Fall 2016 Syllabus    HDFS (ESPY TA) Fall 2016 Syllabus

The EPSY 3020 (FYE Peer Mentoring) course is designed to provide student leaders with knowledge and resources needed to effectively mentor in a First Year Experience seminar, specifically UNIV 1800, UNIV 1810, or UNIV 1820. The course serves as a forum for mentors to learn and discuss topics relevant to transition, holistic success, and leadership in the context of their role supporting first-year students. Mentors will study various intervention strategies, apply them in their FYE classes, and reflect on the experience of moving theory to practice. Through this reflection, mentors will increase awareness of their own personal facilitation, learning, and leadership styles. In addition, EPSY students will create a professional profile through which they can communicate their development and highlight their strengths for future opportunities.