Spring will bring a lot of talk about food on campus. This could be a fun way to bring it home to the dorms.

Dorm Du Jour

So I wanted to start with a quick intro to get started. I am a college student. And it is finals week. So, naturally, I am procrastinating doing actual work and studying by making a blog about something much more fun: Food! I have always loved cooking and baking and have never missed having my kitchen like I have this year. Like all things, you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone. So when I do go home, and actually have access to a kitchen, I go baking crazy. Not only that, but without one, I have found this odd new obsession with Food Network and Bravo cooking shows and various foodie sites.

This blog is basically a condensed and organized list of all the great foodie items I have found. But the key to my mission here is to not just find good recipes and cool equipment, but to…

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