The Instructor’s Dilemma: An Introduction to 14 Weeks of Blogging

Empty Hall
UConn Rowe Building 12.30.2014

In exactly three weeks students will return to our campus, again transforming our empty halls into bustling social gathering spaces, productive study areas, and the occasional nap spot. This spring I’m excited to teach an undergraduate research First Year Experience (FYE) centered around UConn Reads for the second year in a row. So like many of you I’m in the final stages of revising my syllabus.

One addition to this year’s version is a regular publication opportunity for my students through the UConn Alumni Association’s A Novel Group of Huskies blog. I’m incredibly grateful to Caitlin (who I have already begun to repost) for allowing me access to this venue so that we can increase student leadership in the initiative. Only the best student writing in the class will be considered, but I’m confident that we’ll be sharing my students’ work related to The Omnivore’s Dilemma with you very soon.

As everyone who knows me in the classroom has probably already guessed, this means that I too will be returning to the blogging world because I never assign anything I’m not willing to do alongside my class. Therefore, over the remaining weeks of break and 14 weeks of the semester I invite you to join us on a journey of food, politics, corn, art, and whatever else may come. Comments, ideas, and inspiration are welcome!

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  1. bizigal says:

    Time commitment and practice writing…hmmm…I can think of no better way to develop these skills in our young adults! Blog on!

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