Pollan goes Hunting

A Novel Group of Huskies

Michael Pollan describes his experience hunting feral pig in the woods of California with his Italian companion, Angelo. If you’ve read along this far, you’re not surprised that this section of the book is very detailed. It’s also emotional, and filled with Pollan’s self-reflection.

“And yet here I find myself sliding into the hunter’s ecstatic purple, channeling Ortega y Gasset. It may be that we have no better language in which to describe the experience of hunting, so that all of us who would try sooner of later slide into this overheated prose ignorant of irony. Or it could be that hunting is one of those experiences that appear utterly different from the inside than from the outside…” (p. 337)

Have you ever been hunting? Do you agree or disagree with Pollan’s opinions on hunting?

The NY Times shared Q & A with Pollan on hunting and gathering back in 2006. He talks…

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