Welcome to My Page!

This is the first official post for my personal/professional website. Primarily this will be a space where I post my professional information to make it available to my students and colleagues. In addition I may post reflections on the joys and challenges of my professional life in higher education. I’ve decided to call this section “Liminal Spaces in Higher Ed” because I generally feel myself to be in the beautifully chaotic in-between spaces of the university.  In my research on political art I’m working to find my place in interdisciplinary spaces between Political Science, English, human rights, feminist studies, and film.  In my work with First Year Programs & Learning Communities I spend my days split between the learning outcomes, practices, and worlds of academic teaching, student activities programming, and residential life collaboration. And graduate school–oh grad school–is that challenging, exciting, and seemingly endless in-between space filled with numerous rites of passage and (perhaps excessive) self-refection.  Thank you for visiting my page. I look forward to reading your thoughts if you choose to share them.

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