Shawna Lesseur '19 Ph.D. on Aug. 16, 2018. (Peter Morenus/UConn Photo)

Welcome to my website. This is my external permanent site for professional and course information for access by my students and colleagues. It is also home to my occasional blog, Liminal Spaces in Higher Education. This includes reflections on the lessons, joys, and challenges of my professional life in sites of transition and convergence in and out of the classroom. Students, teachers, and higher education professionals are especially welcome to comment and participate in polls. You may also be interested in following me on Twitter @ShawnaLesseur  or on LinkedIn. Thank you for visiting.



Shawna is the Training and Outreach Program Manager in the Division of Environmental Health and Safety of the University of Connecticut’s Office of the Vice President for Research. Her work focuses on bringing teaching and learning, leadership development, and communications cutting edge technologies and best practices to support an inclusive safety culture in all divisions of the five campuses. Areas of professional expertise include program building, management through transition, policy development for diversity and equity, instructional design, curriculum development, and leadership coaching.

She graduated from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington in 2008 with a B.A. in English and a minor in Spanish. She received her M.A. in English with a Graduate Certificate in Human Rights from UConn in 2010, her Graduate Certificate in Feminist Studies in 2013, and her M.A. in Political Science in 2014. She earned her Ph.D. in Political Science studying International Relations and Comparative Politics with a focus on the role of the arts and humanities in politics, human rights film, performance, narrative, and social movements. Her dissertation was based on research on the Cambodia Town Film Festival and the classroom as political locations of genocide film. Her dissertation title is “Pinching Politics Through Film Narrative: An Ontology and Pedagogy of Genocide Film.”

Curriculum Vitae: LesseurCV5.4.2020


One thought on “Welcome

  1. careywalden says:

    I am looking forward to seeing you at the Art and Conflict workshop at Melbourne Uni.
    I visited Cambodia in 2009 and was in Phom Penh and had the opportunity to attend a session of the international courts who were hearing cases against members of the Pol Pot regime. I went to a session for the Manager of the interrogation centre. Many survivors were there, it was impressive with the panel of international judges, but I am really not sure what was achieved. The manager was by this time elderly and from what I understand this case was like demonstrating something was being done. I previously visited the interrogation centre and that left a lasting impression with the photos and artefacts. The energy there really got to me, almost unbearable. Even though the Buddhists came regularly to clear the atmosphere and there was a big Buddha in one room.
    Carey Walden

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